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We’ll partner with you and help you find the perfect landscape for your Ithaca NY home or commercial property. 

Landscaping services play a crucial role in improving the aesthetic appeal of your lawn.

People are looking for ways to add value to their home hire us for landscaping Ithaca NY services.

There are several processes involved in the landscaping project.

The experts will work on the lawn, trees, outdoor accessories such as stones and fountains, soil stabilization, flower planting, among other services. As a company, we offer all services related to landscaping.

We know not all homes will require tree care or soil stabilization. Our experts will arrive at your home and assess so that we can know what is required. The main aim of carrying out the landscaping services is to improve your outdoors.

Work with our experts, and they will work to deliver the best results for your landscaping projects.

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Landscaping Services Ithaca NY

There are several services offered by our company. We love the outdoors, and we are dedicated to turning any outdoor into a great looking place. Your family members will have comfortable shades to relax during summer and beautiful pathways to walk during rainy days.

Your outdoor lighting should be carefully selected to complement the general architecture of your home. Our experts are ready to work and ensure we deliver the best results in your landscaping services.

Some of the services you can get in our facility are explained below:

Landscape Design Ithaca NY

Our experts carry out complete landscape design. We will check out the area’s general slope then come up with the right ideas we can implement to make the slope stand out. You can work with our experts for consultation, installation, and landscape design services.

We are dedicated to taking the necessary initiatives and work on your landscape till you realize the best results. We have highly experienced experts who apply the latest technology when designing your landscape. The outdoor space will look attractive and unique in your neighborhood. It is the easiest way to increase the value of your home.


People who order hardscape Ithaca NY services can get experts to work on their paver patios, natural stone arrangements, walkways, segmental retaining, among other areas.

It is good to work with experts who will develop the right ideas you can employ to realize the best results in your exterior design. Our experts are ready to come up with the right ideas to work on your outdoors and assure you the best look ever.

Water features installation

In your landscaping project, you will need several water features. A landscape width ponds, waterfalls, streams, and decorative fountains will attract the guests’ eyes. A landscape with lots of water features that are carefully placed will bring about a lively look. Our experts will consider the resources available and the personal preferences of customers before coming up with the water features design.

Landscape lighting

Family members like to spend some time outdoors. The outdoor lighting should be strategically placed to enhance the outdoor look. Our experts will work on the outdoor space and place the lights strategically so that they can act as decorations and light up the outdoors. Several types of lighting can be incorporated into an outdoor space. The experts will assess the different lighting types and the features used to decorate the outdoors before coming up with the right fixtures that will make the outdoors stay attractive and safe at night.

Lawn Care Ithaca

The Ithaca NY landscapers will check out the lawn and maintain it. Some types of grass do well in Ithaca NY. Our experts will check out the landscape then test the soul before embarking on the landscaping Ithaca NY services. Many homeowners have hired us to work on the lawn. Our experts carry out all processes that are involved in lawn maintenance.

For instance, they can plant the right grass, apply fertilizer, remove weeds, and even trim the grass so that you can achieve the perfect lawn when outdoors. We are here to help you get your dream lawn in shape.

Soil stabilization

After the construction project, you may have loose soil. The soil should be stable to minimize erosion and make the outdoors look great. Our experts can carry out eh soil stabilization and ensure the outdoor is looking great.

We have the right tools to work on the soil and ensure it is in good shape. People prefer the outdoors where they can feel safe even if it rains heavily. Our experts can work on the soil and ensure it is stable.
Drainage solutions

There are some areas where the drainage can get clogged due to debris. Our experts can work on the drainage so that your ponds will remain clear even during rainy months. The way you design your drain will contribute towards protecting the home against floods.

We will check out the basement and install the right drainage systems to remove water from the basement. Our experts have the right tools to assess your already existing drainage and then come up with the right procedures to improve on it.

Ground maintenance

There are several processes involved in ground maintenance. Our experts can work on your ground and ensure it is well done. You need an outdoor space that is free from mud and weeds. Our experts can install walkways and other features that will make the outdoors look attractive and safe. It is even to your advantage because all our services are offered at unbeaten rates. We work with different experts who are dedicated to making your outdoors look great.

Vegetation control

The outdoor space should be free from weeds and overgrowth. Trees require regular pruning and trimming. The type of trees you have in your outdoors will contribute towards making the outdoor space look appealing. Our experts are ready to work on any outdoor space and ensure it is perfectly done. Sometimes you may have visitors, and you would like to outdoor space to be prepared as fast as possible. Our experts are readily available to work on the space and ensure the vegetation is controlled.

Our response time is very fast. Call our contact numbers, and we will respond fast to work on your outdoor space and ensure it is in good shape. After you hire us, we will agree on a timeline when you expect the services to be complete. Our team will arrive and share the task to get the project completed within a short period.

Grass fertilization

The grass in your outdoors requires minerals to stay green. Our company has the right tools we can apply to ensure the grass is well-fertilized so that you can enjoy your outdoor space. The fertilizer should be applied economically. You can work with us, and we will ensure we work on the grass and deliver the best results.

Weed management

You can apply several methods to control weed from your lawn and the outdoor space in general. Our experts will apply the most effective methods. Your family members require a space where they can play safely with pets. The method we will apply to remove weeds from your outdoor space will be safe. Several safety measures are taken into account to ensure we work on the space and leave it when it is very safe and clean.

Flower management programs

The outdoor space requires different types of flowers. Some flowers can work well for a given season, and others will require special care. Our team will assess your space and come up with the right flower types of different parts, your Ithaca landscape will change for good after you work with us in your landscape Ithaca NY services.

Turf management

You can work with our professional for different types of turf management services. For example, we can work on your turf aeration, overseeing, and other types of turf management services. Our experts have been carrying out turf management services for a long. We know the best strategies we can apply to realize the best results when carrying out the turf management services. Our experts have been carrying out different projects, and we ensure the customers are very happy. You can call our contact numbers, and we will ensure you get the best results.

Mushroom soil application

Some customers hire us for landscaping Ithaca services, and they need mushroom soil application services. As the best experts in the field, we will guide you about the right spoil to apply. There are several processes involved before you can get the soil-applied in your backyard. Our experts know how to go about it. You will get the job perfectly done at a fraction of the cost you would have got it somewhere. Our experts work hard to deliver the best results for your new project.
Why hire us for landscaping services
Our company stands out in offering the best lawn care Ithaca NY services in several ways. First, we charge you fair prices for the best services. You can get in touch with our sales representative, and they will break down everything. All our customers get the quote firsthand to know what they will be paying for. The pricing process is transparent so that you can get the best deals.

Highly experienced Ithaca Landscaping professionals

Our landscaping experts have been serving people in the area for a long. We know the light fixtures that can work in different outdoors. You can work with us, and you will get a team of self-motivated experts who will work on your project and ensure you get the best deal ever.

Our company is fully equipped with the right machines and the best tools. We will apply the most effective techniques to help you get the best deals. There are projects where we were called under short notice, but we did the right job.

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