Designing Your Landscape In Ithaca NY

Here's how to make a really beautiful landscape SHINE!

Landscaping Ithaca NY Can Really Raise Property Values

The first thing to note is that a well-maintained, beautifully designed landscape can raise the value of your house substantially. Not only that, but you’ll become the envy of the neighborhood!

So here’s how we can help you design a truly beautiful garden, hardscape, or landscape. 

Start In The Front Yard

The front yard is generally easier and has the biggest impact when it comes to both property value and aesthetic appeal. You can really WOW your guests who come to your house. We suggest planting pushes and creating small gardens that line the side of the house. For added style, plant two trees that lead up to your door. These can form an “arch” that will look stylish.

Consider The Side Of The House

Many homeowners neglect the side of a house. Adding in bushes and flowers can add a truly classy touch. Trimming these bushes and mowing around the base will help it look its best. Hiring a tree service can help keep the surrounding trees from overshadowing your windows. We can also assist with this. 

For Those With Large Backyards

Make sure to do ALL your hardscaping before adding in any plants. It’s easier to plant around your paths, stone, and other hardscape design elements you’ll include. If you have a large back patio, make sure that you add in a fence or line of bushes for added privacy. This will come in handy when there’s road noise or lots of traffic.